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Realm of MZelda

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1st January 2012

11:59pm: Begin using Tumblr
My Tumblr --> http://mzelda.tumblr.com/

I've just created my tumblr account to keep my WIP art works and maybe some tutorials, besides my official blog and my DA.

The funniest thing ever is that the name I use (MZelda) is such a problem for me 'cause many people have a problem pronounce the name (it's 'em-zel-da') and the 'zelda' is alike 'Zelda' in the game 'Legend of Zelda'. I think it would be better if I chose the better name but I can't change anything now... I'm quite well-known (in my local Saint Seiya webboard) with the name 'MZelda'

By the way, Happy New Year 2012 ;]

11th August 2008

12:19am: Facing Problems Again and Again
Dear Journal,

I'm now having a problem... No, it's better to say PROBLEMS. ('cause there are more than one and they are all huge)

First, the school, it's now suck! Have you ever heard of the teacher who can make all students go insane? I'm now studying with her. She is (maybe) the worst teacher in my lifetime. All the things she does in our class is to decrease our points. We can't hope for A in this subject. It could be the worst thing happening in the last year of highschool.

The next problem is also caused by that teacher. She gives us such a hard work, doing a research and make an e-book presentation and so on. Why should we students pay most attention on this subject and less to others? This is the last year and we all want to study hard for the admission test.

The last, just for now, is our class. We are now having a big argument between friends. It happens because someone in our class acts so selfish. I don't know if this is true or not but I quite get along well with her. To tell the truth, I get along well with almost everyone in the class due to my funny appearance. However, this argument is going to be a big problem because the teacher knew it. I think she can help us solve the problem. Maybe...

Thinking of all the problems, I think, finally, they will all pass, just like every problems I have ever faced during my lifetime. The problems and troubles are only more taste of life. The success which comes after them always tastes sweet.
Current Mood: confused

25th January 2008

10:13pm: Rest in Peace, my beloved friend

Today will be remembered as one the most painful days in my life.

I've just losen one of my good friends.

I have known her since I was in the kindergarten. She is a good girl, always cheerful and joyous. All of us, her classmates, love her.

However, Death excepts no one. Now, she has gone, only 17 years old, such a bright age of one's life. Too young to die...

The news of her sickness reached us last week. We know that she had a problem with her brain. It 'died'. The doctor said that they could not help her anymore. That was a great shock to us. Too fast... We have never prepared of this kind of matter before. We have never thought that it would happen to one of our friends.

Last week, we visited her at the hospital. It was the gloomy scene. She was there in ICU, lying unconciously with eyepads on her eyes, looked like only sleeping.

Today, my friend told me that she has left us forever. The news came too quick. We all knew that she must leave us one day but we didn't think that it was this quick. I still wonder if it's just a dream...

Now, the only thing I could do for her is praying for her to be in the good place. She is a good girl and we all know that her soul will go to nowhere but heaven. In our memories, she will still alive, happy and cheerful as always.

So long, my friend...
Your spirit will rest in peace.

Current Mood: sad

11th January 2008

9:46pm: How to: Easy Watercolouring!

Hello, guys!

This is time for 'How-to' Easy watercolour!

As Thredith has once asked me about making a how-to of it, I decided to make this specially for you guys.

I want to let you know first that I'm not good in watercolour and not a 'pro' but the 'how-to' which you're going to see is the easy way for the beginner to make a watercolour work. It's not that I'm going to teach or advise you but I will show you the way I work which might not be the best way at all.

First, you must know that watercolour is not as bright as other kind of colour stuff. However, it's not impossible to make it bright. It depends on how much water you put in and the pigment. Some of them are really sweet and bright. My watercolour set has a sweet pink which I prefer using it most (it's not pink but I often refer to it as pink).

Second thing to know is the tool. I use a bowl of water, brushes, paper towel, palette, watercolour paper and watercolour. The watercolour that I use is 'Van Gogh' (Quite expensive but good quality).

As you can see from the picture, these are my tools. You can use more than one bowl of water, for example; a bowl of clean water for mixing with the pigment, and two for brush-cleaning.

If you are neat enough, use the wooden board for stick the paper with it and use the tape to stick it as the picture showing the step below.

OK. Let's go to see the way I work now!

1. Preparation.
Prepare the tools as said above. I drew the drafting line art on the paper with 2B pencil.

2. Create BG and atmosphere.
Soak the large tip brush in the water and wipe it on the paper only in the area of BG. You better wipe it in the one-way direction.
After that, mix the colour for BG with water. I will not mix the colour in the palette but I will mix them on the paper!
Begin with the weaker colour on the paper first, then the darker colour. 

I use yellow, the green, and fade brown (use lots of water while mixing). Leave it for minutes to let it dry. While the paper is still wet, I smear a little drop of fade blue here and there.

Do the same thing on the grass and ground but when the area is dry, it's better to add some detail of grass leaves.

3. Make the characters alive.
The same basis. Weaker first, then darker. I use yellow for the gecko's skin and when the area is almost dry, I put on green. Then, smear a little blue on the skin and eyes. I use pink for his tongue. It's important to let the surrounding areas dry before put on another colour.

The mushroom cap (and two cute little characters under the mushroom cap) also come with the same basis. I use much colour on the right side of paper. As you can see, it's darker. The brighter and darker can be controlled by using much or less water. It's better to change the brush to a smaller-tip brush while working in a small area.

Shading can be done by wipe the same colour on the same area after the area is dry. It's OK to left the space area. That will make the shading become easier.

4. Looking for detail.
After finish three steps above, it's better to check for the details.


This is the finished work!

It's fun to try new techniques. Have fun with watercolour.

And remember, I'm not a pro, and this is only a very simple and easy way!

Current Mood: crazy

9th November 2007

11:00pm: Up! It's time to UP~

It's time for updating my journal!

I'm quite busy lately. It's like everything fall down on my shoulder. As if I'm Atlas, carrying the world.

Well, that's over talking. It's not that big, but it's still too much for me. For the lazy one like me!

As I've ever told once, I'm the art work leader in school sport day. The art work has a lot of work to do before the sport day. First, we must do the team's cut out, which is really big one and also damn significantly. Second, we must decorate the stand and stage for cheer leaders and the cheer staffs. Then, we must do the plate for the show.

Although I'm the head of the art work staffs, but I've just done a little in these works. I've told once that I'm in biology class for pre-olympic. (I think you guys have ever heard about the science olympic, which is held every year.)

During the school vacation, I've to go to the extra class which is in the university. Sounds good? Well, in fact, it was difficult for me, due to my laziness. I've rarely go to the clam or the extra class, so this was a bit strange programme in my schedule. Lecture from 9 to noon then lab and experiment in the afternoon from 1 pm til 4 pm but sometimes, it was longer than 4 pm. After the class, I returned to my school to do the art work. Busy, huh? There's still an exam after 2 weeks of learning there.

And then, the most unbelievable news came to me yesterday. My friends told me that I pass that exam. The points must be quite indifferent, so the judges let more students to pass this exam. First, there are approximately 180 students in the class. Then, they want only 50 to pass this exam but now, due to the points, which are quite indifferent as I've said, they let 82 students to pass the exam.

It's hard to describe my feeling. It's like a mixture of glad, shock and nervous. I should better not mention to it here. The feeling is something that's always hard to describe.

Back to the art work, today morning, the cut out was 100% done! The workers in the school helped us to put the cut out on the stand. If I'm not too busy, I'll show you the picture of the cut out. It's really nice. (Even if a lot of student say, it's the worst.)

After the cut out, I still have another work to do. Decorate the stand and stage. Damnit! I'm really busy~

Before I finish today's journal, I want to tell you that my school AV club makes the DVDs of the show in the sport day and I'm doing the cover for the DVDs. My friend is the club leader and she asked me to do this for her. This means, more and more work for me!

To tell the truth, I love being busy.

Thanks for reading my journal. And if you have any comment, feel free to post. It's my great pleasure to receive comments from you guys.

Current Mood: creative

10th August 2007

9:34pm: A Complaint of Artworker

Hey ^^
I haven't updated journal here for months, right? It's because I'm too lazy to update and my computer and internet connection speed is damn slow. And... the most significant fact is I'm not good in English, so it's easy to write a journal in English.

This year, we, grade 11 students, must be the leader of school sports day. I'm the artwork headman. It's not an easy work as I thought. I worked as an artwork staff 2 years ago. It's easy to be just a staff. You need not to worry with the work and the concept. You just do as the headman says. But working as the headman is much more difficult. You have to think of the logo from the abstract concept.

Although I have many good staffs, it's still hard. One says this and one says that. I can't compromise... They have a lot of ideas to share but... I don't know... somehow it seems like they are too much concentrate on their own idea and... I must say that I'm also... I concentrate too much on my idea because I think mine is the best but this is common, right? Everybody love their own ideas and think their ideas are the best.

We have to talk more and to think more... I suppose...

Waiting for the finished work ^^/

Current Mood: confused

29th March 2007

1:45pm: My School Grade is revealed!!!
Last night, while I was watching the television, the phone rang. I recieved that goddamn call and oh! my gosh! it was my teacher who called me. She said that she wanted me to come to school, helping her with her work (Paste grade-reported paper in every school report book) I can do nothing but except.

It means today I must wake up at six and go to school. Then I waited there til eight thirty. God damn morning...

But... you know, this kind of work has a little advantage that I could see everybody (in my class)'s grades. Of course, I can also see mine. It's incredible!

I get all A!!! (4.00)

And Physics is 100/100 !!!


It's weird...

I always use a physics class for drawing lots of fan art and silly stuffs. Hardly pay any attention. I think it should be any mistake in scoring...

A lot of my classmate who always pay attention in class got a "not so good" score. I can't find any word to describe this strange thing. This kind of thing always happen to me.

Last year, I have to take the exams of two famous highschools. One is famous 'cause its brilliant students and one is famous in the way they teach science and mathemetic-- to create lots of scientists...

And I was accepted but a lot wasn't. I didn't go to any clam (except the small one near my house and the one near my school, but for a schorlarship, not for highschool.) So this is more and more strange.

Of course, I didn't intend to go to those schools 'cause I didn't want to be stress. So I continue studying at my old school. (There are both jr.high and highschool.) This made a lot admire me.

But I'm not such an intelligent like they think. I only a very very common tomboyish girl who spend most of the time in front of computer and enjoy manga and anime and YAOI stuffs.

Well... Let's get back to the main story.
I have done the work around 11 am. My teacher said that she would offer me a lunch. Well, I couldn't deny. ('cause she insist to) We ate noodle and a kind of Chinese soup and then Thai traditional dessert called Sa-rim. We began with noodle and then walked to another (incredibly) small restuarant for soup. And the last one was Sa-rim in the sweets shop. I like that shop 'cause it has many kinds of Thai desserts and the material which you could buy and bring them home to make the dessert yourself.

This is another dimension advantage of helping her.

OK guys.
Let's finish this entry here.

Happy Birthday all Areis guys and ME! (on 30 of March. Don't forget the gifts!!! <--- Just kidding. I never wish for any gift at all.)

BYE >o<
Current Mood: full

31st January 2007

9:56pm: Silly Day
The school exhibition days are over but a lot of works are still waiting for me. Homeworks and reports. Less freetimes, of course.
This weekend, I have to go to present the public health club's work with my coworkers at the university and that means we have a really hard work to do but it is a good time that we gather around in a small room, discuss and laugh, like a family. I can say that it is one of my precious memory.
The work is boring but laughing is always a good choice for relax.
I have no more to talk today so this entry should be finished here.
See ya!

15th December 2006

8:23pm: Boring day

How boring!?

Today I have 2 maths period and 2 chem. period. No free time.
Science-Mathemetics Programme is something between hell and nightmare. The time flies so slow when we are in the class but rapidly in our precious free time. How bad...

This morning, the aerobic dance programme was held in my school. There was not enough space for dancing and the sunlight was too hot that we all sweat and exhausted. The loud-speaker didn't work so we couldn't hear the music.
Dull, it was...

Too bad, huh.

Short journal again. Sorry but I'm so tired and bored...

Current Mood: tired

4th December 2006

12:15am: School holiday!!!

School holiday is coming! But it's just one day.
It's father day. 5th December. H.M. King's birthday.
Long live our beloved King!

/me Go on doing homework ^^

Short diary again... huh...

Current Mood: grateful

27th November 2006

6:37pm: More and more work!!!


More homework and report! My teachers always make us crazy by giving a lot of work. Eight subjects and eight reports. Too much for me!!!

Making doujinshi and fanart is my only way to survive.

I can't write any longer... so sorry. I have to continue my homeworks.

God blesses you guys!

Current Mood: gloomy

20th November 2006

11:49am: First posting and about me!

This is the first time I create my LJ and the first time in English! My English skill is not so good, so, this makes me feel a little nervous. English is not my first language but it’s the most important, isn’t it? Improving my skill by writing LJ is the best way for me. (Thirteen years learning English doesn’t help -_-“) 

I don’t know what makes me sign up LJ. I also don’t know what should I post…
But first, you guys who enter my dwelling place should know what I interest first, right? (You don’t? OK. It doesn’t matter. I’m going to tell you anyway.)
The most and forever favourite! Lord of the Rings! It is my greatest inspiration for writing novel and poem. Although my novel is too short and a lot of mistake that I dare not sending it to any publisher.

I also love comics, games and anime. Saint Seiya is the most favourite for now but before was Devil May Cry and Fullmetal Alchemist. A lot of cute guys!
Ahhhh! Almost forget! YAOI! (Shonen-ai/ boy’s love or whatever you want to call it) For my life, my inspiration and my works! It usually appears in my works and I always “PROUDLY PRESENT” them!
Current Mood: busy
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